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Top 5 Search Engines in 2021

What is the number 1 search engine in the world?

Have you ever thought that there may be another search engine than Google when whatever you think of you can just google it? Google is by far the leader, the most popular search engine owning a market share of 92.96 % according to Wikipedia.

Here are the top 5 search engines in 2010


Google is the king of searches. As Google is the best search engine, businesses try to make the best of it and market their products. With the help of Google, we can track and understand the potential buyers. So, everyone tries to have a website hoping that their site will be discovered and appear in the top results. What they do not know is that a website alone is not enough. In order to get more traffic to your website, you need professional SEO services. Google has the capacity to manage three billion pages per day, so they had established the success on their ability to provide the best results and experience for the user.
Google also had built its brand name through trust. They aim to become better and give their users the best experience; that is why they keep changing and improving their algorithms so that the search results will provide the user with the desirable content. If someone tries to trick Google, he will get a penalty, and his site will rank lower.


Youtube is the rising star in Google’s world searches as Paypal’s inventors created it and sold it in 2005. The video’s power is intense, and people try to use it every day to make a difference. This is hard, though, considering that we are talking about billions of users and videos. That is why the amount of information is enormous, and people use it every day, some of them many times per day. Youtube offers free access to every video, and nowadays that technology advances, it gets easier to view or produce videos. This trend is growing every day, and it has become a need. Over 70% of YouTube watch time is done on mobile devices, making it approximately 500 million mobile YouTube views per day.


Amazon was already famous since it was the most significant online marketplace since 1995 that Jeff Bezos founded it. Amazon sells thousands of products, and now that it has included food, the expansion is enormous. People search for every product they can think of. There is a whole science behind what to sell and how much to sell it. The competition is vast, and there are ratings for every product, so there is a big filter for the final consumer. The most important thing is to get and maintain the clients’ trust. Amazon does it. If your products are unique and with the right price to attract buyers, there is a big possibility that you can make it in the world of Amazon. If you need any help, Amazon has promoting/marketing tools to help you through the process. They also help you calculate your shipping cost, and they also offer you storage in their warehouses, as long as you keep their strict procedures. Apart from that, many extensions and apps that can guide you to find the best product to sell and make money. Businesses located in the US sell more than 4000 items per minute. Each month more than 197 million people around the world get on their devices and visit Amazon.com. That’s more than the entire population of Russia.


We all know Facebook since 2006, where it was born. The power that Facebook has is its users. With 1.5 billion users per month, there are more than 2 billion searches per day. The users complete their preferences and their habits, so they make the life of the marketers easier. The audiences are more accessible to target, and businesses spent less money than they spent on Google Adds. However, there is a debate if all the adds based on job titles and interests will be relative enough to your campaign. All you have to do is try with professional help and check if Facebook is suitable for your business.


Microsoft tried to find something that could compete with Google. Bing replaced MSN and began with an 8.4 % market share to reach now a 28.1. Their biggest market is the US and the UK, and they invest in marketing to compete Google Adds. However, if you want to promote your business in Bing, you can’t just copy your Google Adds, because there are different algorithms, and you won’t be probably happy with the results. They still have a lot of optimization to do over the years to catch up on Google, but that doesn’t mean that their advertisements don’t work.
Concluding, Google is the best search engine that most people in the world trust for their searches. They care for the users’ experience and want to provide them with the best information based on their searches. With the proper guidance and site structure, a business can succeed in the internet’s jungle. Funny thing is that the Nr1 search query in Bing is: “Facebook”

Krisztina Peter