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black friday seo

Best SEO practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

How To Rank Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pages in Google? This end of the year will be very different from anything we have experienced so far due to the pandemic. A lot of…

SEO optimised VS Beautifully designed website

The Beauty and the SEO beast I have been always meeting people who believe in SEO – at least they say so – but when it comes to accepting my SEO advise they step back…
voice search

Voice Search: The growing trend of search method

If you haven’t used this method for searching by now, we are sure that you will soon. Voice search is a growing technology that allows you to give voice commands to access information in Google…
keyword cannibalization

What is keyword cannibalization and how to fix it?

Keyword cannibalization and the corresponding landing pages is an issue that will create a particular problem for you in the ranking of your website in the search engines. Using the same keywords in multiple pages…