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WordPress SEO Why should you be Interested?

The best, if the SEO for WordPress site starts when your developer is selecting the theme, you are planning the content, and the site structure. 

We will work together, in-line with your business goals and make sure the website will fulfill its purpose. 

Did you just launch your shiny new WordPress website? Your developer probably installed a SEO WordPress plugin for you. (or maybe not?) But SEO does  not end with a WordPress SEO plugin and basic settings.  There are much more than that.

SEO for WordPress Improve your website’s performance

If your WordPress website is not on the top of Gogle, then there is a lot to do. Speed, Security, Visibility for certain keywords, Sitemap for proper navigation to Google just to name a few.

Cleaning out the website from draft pages, from irrelevant content left from the default theme setting.  So Google can evaulate your site properly and give you the well deserved position.

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Yes! Currently, WordPress is the most customizable CMS when it comes to optimizing the website. However WordPress offers the most theme variations you can get for free, there are tons of paid templates as well. If the SEO is important for you, select SEO friendly theme which has the basic SEO settings and was developed by applying SEO principles. Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Magento and Wix cannot offer such amount of plugins which can boost your SEO even better.

  • use the focus keyword in your Title
  • use the keywords in your Meta description
  • use SEO friendly URL structure – with keywords
  • write at least 600 word content with your focus keyword and its synonyms (without overlapping – do not use other page’s keywords)
  • add subtitles with secondary keywords
  • add images with ALT tag using your keywords
  • link to other resources to your website
  • link to external trustworthy content (outbound link)
  • add sitemap.xml do not include tags, archives, categories in the sitemap
  • focus on speed performance

Yoast SEO is very popular plugin. If you want to rely on community help and your site is small, or the website’s speed does not really something you need to worry about, that is the SEO tool you want.

RankMath however is a more advanced and in the same time more precise and efficient choice. It supports different schema markups, social shares and many more extra SEO features, keeping your website performance on top. It has a setup wizard with pre-selected optimal settings and it tracks your keywords.  In addition, RankMath has a blog site with lots of brilliant article you can learn from. Their support ticketing service is amazing, they will not let you down no matter how small or unique your problem, they will solve it. 


Write your page contents with our recommendations about

  • Length
  • Keyword usage
  • Trending frequently asked questions

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