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seo audit Why should you be Interested?

SEO Audit is a status evaluation of your website and the first step of every SEO campaign. A complete website SEO audit will bring to light existing problems, opportunities and technical issues which need to be remedied and addressed, as well as providing insight into what your site is lacking in terms of SEO friendliness. An SEO audit report covers a broad spectrum of a variety of different aspects, list of errors and missing items that a search engine crawler can detect. The website audit is a mandatory part of the SEO, especially for startups, whose website is not performing very well at the very beginning.

Improve the website’s performance

Based on the findings we create a status report, highlighting the critical areas, prioritizing the importance of ranking factors.

  • Sign of any penalty
  • Clear coding
  • Google crawling issues 
  • User friendliness including mobile usage
  • Visibility, content analysis
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Technical SEO audit Technical SEO Audit

It is all about the technical requirements of a modern website: serving great user experience on both desktop and mobile. Making sure that the site is loading within 2-3 seconds, there is no rendering issue or crawling, indexing issue and keeping the website secure and users safe. A SEO Technical audit will help making your website Google friendly.


There are many algorithms that used by Google to examine your website’s value.  If the Audit executed properly it provides long term benefits.


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