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We serve the best Local SEO services Why should you be Interested?

Do you have a retail business, professional business office or a family-owned restaurant and you want to be visible online to attract local customers? With Local SEO Services / SEO Geo-Targeting your website will appear to the people searching for your services, products and business in your local area. Be on top of the Google for the search term: “….near me”! They will find your opening hours, beautiful photos, reviews, they will be able to make bookings and navigate to your local business.

local seo Improve website’s performance

Let your website work for you 24/7. Improving the ranking for localized keywords will give you more traffic, better visibility, brand awareness and more importantly more customers. Local SEO services will focus on local seo performance: showing your website in search results of Map search and Google search.

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  • Sign up to Google My Business, share what is new and connect your customers
  • Optimise for voice search and make sure your website is fully mobile friendly. Check here
  • Use your city or county with your keywords in titles, descriptions and content.
  • Improve your “About us” and “Contact Us” pages to show your service area.
  • Use Organisation schema markup and set your address, region and contact point.
  • Use local sites for linkbuilidng and local news for partnerships.
  • Attain positive Google reviews then reply with a “thank you!”
  • Create Social Media accounts and search for local groups and share engaging content.
  • Use lots of professional images both on Google My Business and your website then add new images regularly.
  • Add your website to niche or sector-specific trustworthy business listing and directories. E.g Tripadvisor 

Mobile-friendly websites are responsive, they support a suitable view for your mobile screen, easy to tap links and buttons, fast loading, big enough fonts to read. You do not need to zoom in or out anything or shift sideways to get the full page.

Mobile optimised means the website utilizes all the features what you can get from a smartphone: The website can use your GEO location, just tap to the embedded map on the website then it starts your navigation app right away (you do not need to start the navigation app and copy over the address) . You can click on phone numbers and your device will automatically call it. The same feature applies for an email address when you click it starts your default email app. It is focusing to reach your goal as quickly as possible without making you type anything. It uses simplified navigation.

Local SEO price depends on the website performance in terms of SEO.  Local SEO basically a geo targeted On-page and Off-page SEO, technical SEO  and linkbuilding. Price range can start from £300 for small compay websites to £3,000 for enterprise websites. 

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