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Link Building Why should you be Interested?

Links are coming from other websites – called back links – and pointing to a page of your website. It also plays an important role in most search engine algorithms. It improves your website’s popularity and your domain value.

The needs of link building depends on your market segment.  We successfully managed to get websites on top of search without any link building. But most industries need backlink, so without it you will have less chance to rank. Some sectors furthermore, need thousands of back link and link building should be an ongoing aggressive activity. 

Link building Improve your website’s performance

If you are in a competitive market, you will have to promote your website with link building. 

Google evaluates the links according to the other website domain popularity, traffic and many more metrics. High quality back links will improve your ranking. One-two exceptional quality back link can even push your site up to two–three pages higher in Google.

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  • Install SEOQuake Chrome extension
  • In Google, search for the keyword you target. If you have an iPhone service in London, your search term is “iPhone service London” so your online competitors will be listed.
  • If your SEOQuake extension is switched on, you will see lots of additional information in the search result.
  • The number of your competitors’ backlinks is the “L: number” which is the first information from the tool, right below each result’s description.
  • Check the screenshot here.
  • Buy an expired domain which had already had backlinks from Wikipedia, but it is currently “broken” – since the domain is expired.
  • Once you registered the domain name again, require 301 redirect to your live website from your provider.
  • 301 Redirect passes the link juice to your website.
  • On Wikipedia, when someone clicks to that domain’s link will be arriving to your site.
  • Please note, this method is purely for SEO purposes. There is no value for visitors, however this is the cheapest and easiest way to get backlink from Wikipedia.
  • Contact us to find expired domain which had broken Wikipedia links.

If you noticed unwanted backlinks in Search Console (webmaster tool) copy the domain(s) into a txt file, save it, then upload the file to the disavow tool and submit.
Please note, even if you submitted the domains in the disavow file, Disavowed links are still seen in Webmaster Tools.
If you think your website got a penalty and you need help to remove the toxic links, contact us!

Link building Performance

We find the best suitable websites, negotiate with webmasters then get good deals to promote your webpage in an article. 100% unique article and contextual link placements.


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