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International seo services Why should you be Interested?

International SEO is for you if you target multiple countries or/and your website is available in multiple languages.

Google will point your users to the most appropriate version of your page by language or region.

Example: your English language website will be visible in the UK primarily instead of the USA, if you target UK visitors. While at the same time your German language version will be visible in search  for your targeted German customers.

the best interntional seo services Improve your website’s performance

We can guide you how to plan your website: what is the advantage of using subdomains or subfolders considering the maintenance expenses and effectiveness. We have experience with websites targeting 16 countries in 12 languages. Apart from the international technical needs, selecting the country specific keywords is also important, since the search term and search habit  can change in different culture.

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International SEO performance depends on

  • Keyword research by country
  • Hreflang SEO settings
  • Sitemap
  • IP whitelisting
  • Google visibility
    and more…

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