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Why should you be Interested?

Google announced algorithm updates that will have a “significant impact” on mobile search results worldwide for mobile searchers. The update improves rankings for sites that provide a mobile-friendly experience to searchers on mobile devices, and, by association, demotes sites that do not. There are so many requirements which must be met, and plenty of options.

Mobile - iOS, Android App Search Optimisation - App Store Optimisation Improve your mobile app’s performance -ASO

  • Increase organic download volumes by improving  app’s ranking
  • Increase the Range of keyword terms the app ranks for 
  • Improve Conversion Rate on app store listing
  • Increase the volume of Daily or Monthly Active Users – Retention
  • Increase good reviews and ratings
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Mobile optimisation Improve your website’s mobile performance

Performance is about user experience, engagement, improving conversions and retaining users.

Website speed is a core web vital, fast load time is one of the most important ranking factors.

Test your site and let us know the result!

ASO Trend

  • Engagement will have more weight
  • Similar / Related Apps become a relevant traffic source
  • App Store Description will have more effect on search
  • Rating and Reviews will have
    more importance

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