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Best SEO practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

How To Rank Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pages in Google?

This end of the year will be very different from anything we have experienced so far due to the pandemic. A lot of people will prefer to make their purchases online than go to a store. So be prepared that your business this year won’t be crowded. However, there are many things that you can do to get visitors to your online store. Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on the way, have you done your best to promote your business?
In this article, we will offer you some SEO practices for black Friday so you can boost your ranking on Google. We hope that by now, your marketing department will have already set up your promotions as you need to advertise it 45 calendar days on your social media and on your newsletters. When you are a week away, you should send personal emails and encourage small businesses to share your promotions with their followers until there is one day left.

  • Set up the special Black Friday promotion pages in time

The earliest you create the particular page, the better for your business, so Google can have the time they need to index it and give you the necessary time to optimize your eCommerce SEO so when the time comes, your page will rank high. You should do another thing one month before Black Friday; even if you haven’t decided which products or services you will have for sale, set up a contact form so the visitors will opt-in their email to be notified when your products are online. That will give you a benefit against your competitors that won’t have the time to do that.

  • Use the same URL/page in each year

Another thing that you must have in mind is to use the same page URL each year. You don’t have to add the date in the URL; just keep it simple, adding only the word Black-Friday. Most people design their pages, and when the promotion is over, they delete them. This is the worst thing you can do with your SEO because every time you have a promotion, you restart the ranking, and all the effort you apply is wasted. When the sale is over, you should revert it to a general page with an opt-in email form until the next time you will use it. With this method, your SEO will always be updated, every year, your page will be stronger, and your customer base will increase.

  • Update the SEO elements with your keywords

In order to appear in the search results, you must have updated Metadata Descriptions. You should include your main keywords and the details of your sales as this is what the people who search will see in Google. Your content should have your main keywords but also tertiary keywords. All these keywords used in your content will boost your ranking as Google can understand your page easier.
The images that you will use are very important. Firstly, they should be of high quality. A poor image will destroy all your efforts. The image should be static, without borders, up to date, and engaging. When you insert it, make sure you have completed all the necessary information with your product’s keywords. In every image, you should complete the File Name, the Image Title, and the Alt Tag. Adding the correct descriptions will help people finding you in the image search as well.

  • Get internal and external links to your promotions page

You should add internal links to your home page since it is the strongest page on your website. The next thing you should do is promoting your page to get as many links as possible. Some sites are looking for deals, so you should inform them.
Make sure you check your website’s speed and optimize it to be mobile friendly in case you haven’t done so by now. When you are done with everything, ask Google to recrawl your page.

  • Use the Social Media Promotion to send good signals to Google

Use any available platform to spread the word. The best for products is Pinterest; as many wish lists as you get into, the better for you. Also, Facebook and Instagram can help as well, especially if your business has many followers. Make sure you post engaging content and captions that will get people sharing your posts.

  • Monitor the keywords and traffic channels

After everything is done, don’t forget to monitor the results of your effort. You can adjust the title, the order of your keywords in the meta description or the call to action words. You can learn from your mistakes and be ready for the next time!

Krisztina Peter