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Local seo tips

17 Best Local SEO Tips

It is essential for all people around your area to learn about your business. Studies have shown that four out of five potential customers use the local search to obtain the information they need. This means you may be losing 80% of your potential sales unless you optimize your website based on local SEO techniques.

Grow your local business online

In order to achieve the best online presence, you need to update your business profile (social media and Google my business). This is particularly important because, with this tool, Google verifies your business, and you may be rewarded with a coveted sidebar space in Google Search. Then people will be able to find you on Google maps either by typing or voice search and visit your store. Of course, there are several other things to consider. That’s why you need affordable local SEO services to ensure that your online presence drives customers to your door. Your next goal after they arrive is to leave a positive review for local SEO.

Why do reviews matter?

First of all, reviews matter because you want to have happy customers that will spread the word about your business, either verbally or online. Secondly, they help you to have a higher rank and win over the competition. It’s been proven that good reviews on Google My Business affect the top results in the “Local Pack.” The only thing that matters more than the reviews is the total number of additional organic rankings. There’s a good reason for that as Google is always in favor of the users. When the users or potential customers show that they prefer you, Google trusts them, so in the long run, it trusts that you are a legitimate business that offers services.

Another thing that you should have in mind is that Google wants all the information you have about your business, including the reviews. When they leave a review, people will describe their overall experience of your services and your products.

When you are searching in Google and come across a business’s reviews, it’s more likely that you will choose to click the one with the better reviews. Google can see that and will reward you with higher rankings. So, the reviews can help you both ways. This is why you have to make a strategy for acquiring as many as you can.

Here are a few tips for you on how to get more reviews without making mistakes.

1. Focus on giving your customer the best experience ever. Train your staff, make quality controls to reassure that the buyer leaves with the best impression. It’s proven that most people leave reviews if they were extremely satisfied or if they were extremely disappointed.
2. Try to make your customers interact by encouraging them through QR codes, flyers, banners, brochures, etc. to leave their review.
3. Collect your customers’ emails and then follow up on their visit to your business by asking them to write a review.
4. When you see a happy customer, train your staff to encourage him discretely to write a review.
5. Create a separate page on your website for testimonials. When people see many reviews in that area, they may want to write something, too.
6. Ask questions about your services on social media. They will feel that you value their opinion, and they may share their story.
7. Always respond to the reviews in a more personal way than just saying, thank you. Even if you see a negative review, be nice.
8. Monitor anything you try so you will know which strategy is better for your business. Find what works, and do more of that.
9. Never stop trying to get good reviews. Your goal is to have new, positive reviews all the time.
10. Make sure you are always optimizing your website. For example, check the internal linking structure, the URL title tag content, add location pages, make sure it is mobile-friendly, and get inbound links to raise your domain authority.
11. Make sure the tour of your website features part of the reviews.
12. Read carefully the guidelines of the platform you are willing to use and follow their rules.

We’ve also made a list of the things you shouldn’t do while trying to get good reviews:

13. Νever pay a customer or a marketer to post a good review. The word will come out, and you will lose your reputation.
14. Also, don’t pay anyone to leave a review pretending he is your customer. Only your actual customers should be leaving reviews.
15. Your business should stay away from any kind of bad review regarding a competitor.
16. Avoid setting up a kiosk to ask for reviews. The IP of the review must be different, and they are omitted.
17. Don’t concentrate on one platform.

Hopefully, if you follow our tips, you will find a few strategies to help you grow your business and get the best reviews possible to outrun the competition.


Krisztina Peter