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"A world where everyone creates content gets confusing pretty quickly without a good search engine."

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Krisztina Peter

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Krisztina has a sound business background having founded a B2C company in 2001 which has become the most visited website in Central Europe by rigorously applying SEO techniques. She has also worked in other sectors such as Retail, Education, e-Commerce and Finance which gives her a broader approach and business awareness than an average IT or marketer person.Krisztina has more than 16 years of management and 8+ years of SEO/SEM experience as an accomplished IT engineer. She graduated with distinction in the fields of SEO and Social Marketing. She has experience with multi-language SEO and has optimised international websites for the European, UK and global market.


"I believe Krisztina is an excellent SEO expert and have no doubt she will prove a valuable asset to you and your organisation."

"Krisztina is the best SEO consultant I've ever had the pleasure to work with. After working with many SEO companies via clients and directly myself, I know how fraught the industry is with ineptitude. Krisztina is the only SEO expert I have found that not only gets results - the most important aspect of SEO, she is able to explain solutions and goals in both a company-focused and a technical manner. Krisztina is able to work with developers and companies to find the best solution, and is an absolute joy to work alongside, I can't recommend her highly enough."

"Krisztina is a highly skilled SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing professional. She successfully combines her expert level knowledge with exceptional analytical skills to deliver results. She displays maturity, responsibility, resourcefulness and dedication in all her efforts. I would recommend Krisztina to everybody who considers hiring her."

"Krisztina worked with us on the POD Staffing website, whereby carrying out a full SEO site and competitor audit, supplying a strategy and giving advice on how to measure ongoing results. Krisztina did a great job of laying out this information, as well as explaining her process. From this we yielded great results, some of our key search terms which were appearing on page 9 of Google’s rankings are now appearing on page 2, and within a day of this jump we had received new business enquiries."

"Krisztina is a true SEO. She has fantastic technical knowledge and great implementation skills. We have learned a lot from working with her - and hope to be able to do so again in the future. She is also lovely to work with, she is very straight, reliable and focused."